Tesso Nilo National Park Indonesia Elephant Conservation Eco Tour (3 Days/2 Nights)
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Tesso Nilo National Park Indonesia is home to critically endangered Sumatran elephants and Sumatran tigers. The park is also home to the largest coherent lowland rainforest remaining on Sumatra. Tesso Nilo National Park is reported to have the highest vascular plant diversity anywhere in the world. The Indonesian government established Tesso Nilo National Park in 2004.

Half the Sumatran elephant population has been lost in one generation, and in 2012, the status was changed from endangered to critically endangered. This decline has been caused by habitat loss/deforestation and human-elephant conflict. Tesso Nilo National Park is one of the last forest areas large enough to support a viable population of Sumatran elephants. For more information, see the World Wildlife Foundation’s work on preserving the Sumatran elephant.