Explore the backroads and beyond with Siti’s Indonesia eco tours and cultural tours. Get off the beaten path with Kalimantan/Borneo’s only woman-owned tour company and let the journey begin!

Interested in customized Indonesian eco tours and cultural tours? We specialize in customized Indonesian orangutan tours in Tanjung Puting National Park, Kalimantan (plus nearby national parks), Java, and Sumatra—and wherever you want to go! Please contact us and let us know your interests, and we will work with you to plan your Indonesian eco tour adventure!

Papua Tours with Dani Tribe now available. Please contact us for details!

Our current Indonesia eco tours (including Indonesian orangutan tours) and cultural tours include:

Kalimantan Borneo
Come see the Indonesian orangutans and other amazing Borneo wildlife with us with one of our Indonesian eco tours and cultural tours!



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