Java Cycling Tour: Glenmore Plantation

Start: Kalibaru

We will pick you up at your hotel in Kalibaru at 7 am , then drive to Glenmore village about 15 minutes by jeep safari 4WD. We will stop at front of Glenmore train station then continue cycling to Kali Takir plantation pass through kampong, rice field until arrive in the old plantation who was built by dutch colonial in 1929. We will stop at steam engine historical monument as the main gateway of Kali Takir Plantation for photo taking, rest and bike parking. Then continue walk to visit old processing factory and seeing local worker who selecting of coffee bean, rubber latex, cloves drying in the old building. Big turbine as the power of electrical can be seen and still used until now. After tour de fabrick then continue cycling to plantation area while cycling trek following the water pipe and small canal river beside of cloves and coffee plantation then passing coconut trees where located on the highland and cool climate until finish in the old main building for coffee and tea. Then transfer back to your hotel.

Java: Journey into the Rainforest at Meru Betiri National Park

Bande Alit Jeep Safari Tour And Rural Village Cycling

Duration: 10 hours

We will pick you up at the hotel by jeep safari 4WD, then drive to the Bande Alit – Meru Betiri National Park passing through rice field, traditional tobacco warehouse which is constructed from bamboo and sugar cane leaves, rubber plantations until arrive in Andongrejo village as the main gateway of west part of Meru Betiri National Park. After stop for rest and ticket then continue drive to the jungle with not good road condition, stop over at Rafflesia Plot. If you are lucky you can photo taking the Rafflessia flower, then continue passing through  the Bande Alit plantation, rural village until arrive at Bande Alit beach. Enjoy rest and relax and witness the beauty beach and fisherman traditional boat. Back to hotel, tour end

*min 2 persons, include: AC transport/Jeep safari 4WD, Snack, Mineral Water, Guide, Entrance fee

East Java Tabuhan Coral Reef Tour

Duration: 6 hours

Start: Banyuwangi

We will pick you up at your hotel in Bnyuwangi at 7 am , then drive to Kampe beach. Tabuhan island is a tiny island located in the centre of Bali strait. We will across by traditional boat to reach  for SUKAMADE – Meru Betiri National Park by jeep safari 4WD pass through canal river, villages, plantation area and beach. After 2 hours drive then stop at Rajegwesi beach for rest and enjoy your breakfast (prepared from your hotel). Rajegwesi beach is fishermen village where located in Sarongan village as the main gateway of Meru Betiri National Park. Then continue drive up  into the tropical forest , pass through rubber, cocoa, coffee, crossing 3 rivers, small village until arrive in Sukamade beach post. After seeing hatchery place for turtle eggs, then continue walk to Sukamade beach as famous beach for turtles laying eggs in the night . Afterward continue drive and stop for lunch Sukamade guest house. Then out from jungle and late evening will be arrive in Kalibaru.

East Java Waterfall Trekking + Plantation and Cycling Tour

Duration: 6 hours

Start: Banyuwangi

We will pick you up at the hotel at 5 am. From there we will drive to the last village on the slope of the Argopuro Mountain (about 30 minutes). We will continue through the coffee, rubber, cocoa plantation, then cross a small river continue trekking into the rainforest to a spectacular 85 meter high waterfall. We will return to the hotel at the end of the tour.

Trip Available Monday – Friday

Closed Saturday and Sunday

*Coffee harvest season from June-September


  • Airfares
  • Airport taxes and extra baggage fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Expenses incurred due to Force Majeure
  • Personal expenses